Our Gins

Distilled and bottled by hand in Wellington New Zealand, the Bureaucrats create innovative gins that deliver bold and beautiful botanical combinations



The Bureaucrat

A distillation of ten carefully selected botanicals. Delivering the traditional juniper and coriander followed by an audacious hit of heady cinnamon, finishing with delicate yet complex nutty profiles and undertones of aniseed and sweetness. This is a complex beast, bold and unique, a gin full of character.

Black Doris


Black Doris Plum

A gin full of bold and beautiful Black Doris Plum fruitiness. Kicking off with juniper and coriander, swiftly followed by full-bodied fruity flavours. With just a hint of sweetness, the delicate spicy notes embrace the delicious plum giving this gin complexity and balance.

Coconut Lime


The Doyenne

A gin at the top of its field just as a doyenne is at the top of hers. Kicking off with smooth and cooling coconut and lime, finishing with strong and lasting lemongrass. The Doyenne is fabulous with ice and fresh lime, even a dash of lime soda goes well.

Bureaucrats Gin

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