The Gins


The Bureaucrat

The Bureaucrat was released in August 2018. It is a distillation of ten carefully selected botanicals. Delivering the traditional juniper and coriander followed by an audacious hit of heady cinnamon, finishing with delicate yet complex nutty profiles and undertones of aniseed and sweetness. It is a complex beast, bold and unique, a gin full of character.


The Doyenne

The Doyenne was released in January 2019 following popular demand. This is a gin at the top of its field just as a doyenne is at the top of hers. Kicking off with smooth and cooling coconut and lime, finishing with strong and lasting lemongrass. The Doyenne is fabulous with ice and fresh lime, even a dash of Roses lime goes well.

The Bureaucrats

By day they are two unassuming Wellington bureaucrats who move unnoticed, hidden within the shadows of the nine-to-five, their identity concealed by spreadsheets and government policy;
but... night their passion for fine things is awoken and from the depths of Wellington's 1st gin distillery they create the finest of craft gins. Gins of the people, by the people, for the people.

The Journey

Bureaucrats Gin Ltd was born out of a love of fine gin and by running small stills in their respective laundries the Bureaucrats created something magnificent. For more than two years, using the age old scientific method of trial and error, they developed distillation consistency and quality.
Now out of the laundry and into Wellington's first ever gin distillery a decision was made to launch with their signature discoveries, The Bureaucrat in August 2018 followed by The Doyenne in January 2019.

The Future

Through further experimentation of bold and beautiful botanicals and by listening to what their customers enjoy (and don't enjoy!) the Bureaucrats will be releasing more unique and well balanced gins throughout 2019 and beyond.


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